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Did PBBM exceed Filipinos’ expectations in his first inauguration? Here’s what you should know
By Norman Son Adriano 01 Jul 2022 317

In 1986, Edsa People Power Revolution  occured that ousted the Marcoses  out of the Malacanang Palace and fled out of the country.  After 36 long years, President Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos Jr., 64 and his family  are 'back home' reclaiming the post his father held for more than 20 years after a massive electoral victory in the May 2022 election defeating his stronger opponent Leni Robredo. More than  31 million Filipino people elected PBBM as the new president of the Philippines. 

Today, June 30, at the historic National Museum of Fine Arts, known to be a Legislative Building before, PBMM took his oath of office  as the country’s 17th President before Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo accompanied by the first family.  PBBM is the 4th president in history to be inaugurated at the National Museum. 

Present at the event are the political allies, leaders of various institutions and immediate family of the president, Vice President Sara Duterte, Senator Imee Marcos, Imelda Marcos, former president Joseph Estrada, Fidel Ramos and Gloria Arroyo, Cebu governor Gwen Garcia and several other VIPs. Thousands of supporters also made their attendance waving their Philippine flags in front of the building. 

At exactly 11:30 am, PBBM and his wife, First Lady Lisa Araneta-Marcos arrived at the National Museum. President Marcos is wearing a simple Barong inspired by the traditional military uniform during the Spanish era called 'rayadillo' while his wife Lisa  wears a terno made of vintage piña fabric both created by multi-awarded designer and family friend Pepito Albert. 

Actress-Host Toni started the program by singing the National Anthem followed by an ecumenical invocation and a military-civic parade. A modern day hero parade was also held  where PBBM is seen smiling and waving to the people as they pass in front of him. Outgoing senate president Vicente Sotto III read the resolution which proclaimed PBBM and VP Sara Duterte as duly elected. 

In his inaugural speech, PBBM first greeted his distinguished guests and the Filipino people who voted for him.

PBBM considered his win a historic moment as the people rejected a division in politics.

"This is a historic moment for us all. When my call for unity started to resonate with you, it did so because it echoed our yearnings and mirrored your sentiment. The people have spoken and it is resounding. It delivered the biggest electoral mandate in the history of Philippine democracy.You rejected the politics of division. I offended none of my rivals in this campaign,” he said 

"I listened instead to what they were saying. I believe that if we focus on the work at hand we will go very far under my watch. You believe that too. Pinakinggan ko ang tinig n'yo na ang sinisigaw ay pagkakaisa.I was not the instrument of change, you were that, you made that happen.You picked me as your servant, I am ready for the task."

In the speech, PBBM told before the crowd that he is not there to tell about the past, but to tell a future of efficiency. He also emphasized the great achievements of the Filipino and the government if all worked hand in hand.

"I trust the Filipinos, imagine how much more you would achieve if the government bucks stops, picks you when you fall, gives what you need, if it is invested in self empowerment. Imagine a country that in almost every sense is you. Imagine what you and the government can achieve together. In government there are no excuses, just deliver."

He also claims that he did not bother to do rebuttals against  his competitors during the campaign period, but rather searched for promising approaches better than the usual solutions.

“We are here to repair a house divided, to make it whole and stand strong again. Never forget, we are Filipinos, one nation, one republic indivisible. Let us all be part of the solution we chose,” he firmly said.

In the much awaited part of his speech, PBBM disclosed that his team is presently drawing up a comprehensive all-inclusive plan for economic transformation. Though it will be a rough start, PBBM said that he will walk with the people all throughout the process. 

As an incoming Agriculture secretary himself, PPBM promised to prioritize the sector to be more self-sufficient and help the country and our farmers. 

“Agriculture cries for the urgent attention that its neglect and misdirection now demands. Food self- sufficiency has been the key promise of every administration, none but one delivered. Food is not just a trade commodity, it is an existential imperative and immoral one,” he said.

PBBM also hinted that in his administration that gas and oil reserves within the country that has been developed will be utilized and maximized.

“There is a parallel problem in our energy supply. We will find a way, we are not far from oil and gas reserves that have been developed.”

Moreover, PBBM is highly confident that VP Sara Duterte, his chosen education chief will deliver accordingly to improve the education system in the country and the condition of our teachers. 

“Material taught in our schools must be rethought. I am not talking about history, I am talking about the basics of the Sciences, sharpening theoretical aptitudes and imparting vocational skills. Alongside the national language with equal emphasis and favolity in a global language that we had and lost. Our teachers from elementary up, our heroes fighting ignorance with poor paper weapons. Once we had an education system that prepared coming generations for more and better jobs, there is hope for a comeback. VP Sarah Duterte will fit that mission into a team.”

“There will be changes tomorrow and no more secrets in public health,” that is the promise PBBM wants to uphold for the people in the medical field and all the Filipino who have been suffering years after years due to poor public health. 

“Our nurses are the best in the world. They acquitted themselves with the highest distinction abroad having suffered even the highest casualties. They are out there because we cannot pay them for the same risk and workload that they have back there,” he said. 

“You will not be disappointed so don't be afraid. With every difficult decision that I must make, I will keep foremost in my heart and my mind the depth of gratitude I owe you for the honor and responsibility  you have conferred on me.”

“I am confident of the future because  I have 110 million reasons to start such as my faith with the Filipinos,” PBBM ended. 

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