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Alex Gonzaga's 35th year of immaturity
By Loreta Dimagiba 17 Jan 2023 198

Public figures and social media personalities, especially those with massive followings, were supposed to be role models to 'influence' the younger generation with good manners and proper conduct. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, those who have the power to do good are the ones who instigate childlike and immature behavior, which they flaunt on their social media platforms. Once called out, they act as if they were the victim and release a half-assed apology with their quoted bible verses. Sadly, this has been the norm in the 'global village' on the internet.   


It's the third week of 2023, and several issues involving the so-called 'influencers' have arisen. There's Donnalyn Bartolome's toxic positivity and 'feeling lucky' comment on being grateful for having jobs, McCoy-Elisse break-up due to an alleged third party, Esport star Yawi and volleyball star Jen Nierva's cheating issue. The list goes on, and even the netizens compile these scandals with the 'monthly' calendar. 


Yesterday, January 16, 2023, a social media star and controversial actress made yet another hot mess on her 35th birthday (you read that right, she's already in her mid 30's), which left netizens infuriated. Youtuber Alex Gonzaga-Morada is in the hot seat again after smearing the cake's frosting on a waiter's face after singing the birthday song. The video was uploaded on Instagram stories by her friend Dani Baretto which made headlines and went viral right after. In the said video, Alex did an insensitive and disrespectful 'not so funny' prank which she always does on her vlogs. The server holding the cake with icing on his forehead while being videotaped cannot do anything of his power but force a smile.


"Sigh. Well, as they say, you rly can't buy class… and common decency," a netizen tweeted.


Here's a sentiment from social media personality Janina Vela.  


“Siguro mas-acceptable ito kung ka-close mo yung tao, pero dahil sa “power dynamics” dito —Kuya as the server and Ms. Alex as the served— hindi niya magagawa yun.Service workers are our equals. It's their job to serve, but it's our job to give them the respect they deserve."


Alex Gonzaga's behavior has not been shocking to all at all. Some say they were not surprised but genuinely disappointed. In her several years in the mainstream media, she has faced countless 'canceled' moments due to her lack of professionalism and immaturity. 


Let me take you through some of the most talked-about controversies Alex has been involved in the past years:


  1. Dina Bonnevie's blind item about a 'newbie actress' at that time who was lead on a series who ALWAYS came on set late and unprepared, ruining schedules and timings of the show. She also described her as a brat and very unprofessional. Speculations say it was Alex Gonzaga, but neither party denied nor confirmed the issue.
  2. Live on national television, Alex jokingly pressed Pia Wurtzbach's chest out of curiosity.  
  3. On her noontime show TROPANG LOL, actor Mateo Guidicelli called out Alex, saying she should respect their spouses after an uncomfortable joke.


The long list of controversies and 'canceled' moments goes on for the 35-year-old vlogger-actress, which seems unbothered despite the many reminders and wake-up calls from the netizens. 



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