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When you can’t seem to find your purpose, read this
By AJ Virtuz 26 Apr 2021 278


Your purpose is not to become a successful doctor, or a professor teaching in a top-tier university, or an actor playing the main role on a hit show. Your purpose is not to become a bestselling author, a director, or a musician.

You should not be confused with these as your purpose. These are positions. They are admirable, attainable goals, indeed. But they are a career that you work hard for in order to achieve and to further your experience. If you’re trying to make something of yourself and use the talents you’ve been given, those are wonderful things to be aiming towards.

But let me tell you this straight — they are not your purpose.

Your career is important — true. Realistically speaking, the most part of your life life will revolve around your career — having to wake up early, hustling from 9 -6, attending seminars to further your knowledge. These things that make you feel like you are contributing to the world — making you feel important.

But your whole world should not spiral deeper and deeper into a small box of work you are in. Your work challenges you and forces you to bring out the best (and worst) in you. It persuades you to improve and use your talents to develop and better that you are trying to create, or offer, or fix. It helps to mold you to become the better version of who you are. But, it’s never your purpose, and it should not define you.

It’s easy to say that your work gives your life a purpose. Because your career allows you to function, it allows you to measure yourself. Work gives you the audacity to say, “I’m worthy, valued and I am needed”, or “I am doing okay because I am growing in this and I just got a promotion.”

But let me tell you this, when you finally realize that your purpose is outside that career, where no one is paying you to do it. Where nobody is giving you the pressure to accomplish it, or perform well every week to impress your boss — that’s when you would know that knowing your purpose can be very easy.

As the pandemic continues to pester the world — it also changed me, a lot. It changed how I see life, it changed my perspective, it changed my purpose.

I’ve witnessed a lot of people around me get affected by the crisis brought by COVID-19. People are losing jobs, people are going homeless, people are dying.

Only then I realized my purpose. And it’s not to achieve my dreams and goals I’ve set (which is to become a director, author, and finish my Master’s Degree), it’s to make sure I am living every single minute of my life to the fullest.

My purpose in life is to make sure I get to check on my friends every day and tell them how much they matter to me, and to have more time laughing with them over stupid petty things until my stomach hurts. My purpose in life is to get more chance to smell that pleasant, dewy petrichor of the post-rain afternoon. My purpose in life is to bond with my dogs and spend more time with them. My purpose in life is to be God’s instrument to help others who are in need. My purpose in life is to scale more mountain and witness God’s astounding creation on the summit. My purpose in life is to show my mother how truly thankful I am of everything she had done for me.

My purpose in life are a lot, but they are simple, and genuine. This pandemic utterly changed on how I fathom life’s purpose — to never attach it to ones  careerist ideology.


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