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Travel Ipon 101: How should I prepare for a less expensive trip?
By Norman Son Adriano 27 Jul 2022 261

Now that some countries are starting to open their borders after a 2-year drought of having travel restrictions because of COVID-19, people are more thrilled than ever to step foot to different countries. But the big question right here, how exactly are you going to travel when you find out that your pockets don’t run as deep as you had hoped?


Don’t worry! There are countless ways to save money. Here are 5 tips on how you should make "ipon" to check off that bucket list:


Plan Ahead of Time - Planning is probably the most essential rule in any travel adventure. If you want to at least keep your expenses low, you should devise a strategy where it allows you to use the least amount of money for your necessities before and while on the trip. Everything should be planned ahead, from your plane tickets to your travel dates to the places you will stay and the purchases you will make.


Have a Separate Travel Savings Account - Rather than seeing traveling as an additional expense, treat it more like an investment. Investing in yourself, in your family and in wonderful memories are definitely non-negotiable. Getting a separate savings account for travel is a more ideal resort to keeping yourself from spending your money. You can consider switching to digital banking since it has higher interest rates.


Look for Great Bargains - Everyone gets crazy when it's on sale! Of course, who wouldn’t want that? The advantage of planning in advance is you have every opportunity to look out for great deals and discounts. Some airlines offer monthly seat sales, as well as accommodation sites, so be sure to be as fast as a hyena when that happens to spare yourself from huge expenses.


Travel During Off-seasons - “High season” is definitely a thing! It’s when everything gets more expensive during Christmas and New Year’s, during summer or maybe spring for other countries. Something to consider as well is it is during off seasons where airlines and hotels offer great bargains in order to attract tourists. Depending on where you’re going, make sure to do your research to determine when high season is and try to avoid it. 


Create your Own Itinerary - Booking travel agents are honestly not that bad because they offer you hassle-free and convenient travel. But when you’re looking for a cost-saver option, then you can create your own itinerary. Besides having the opportunity to manage your own time, it can help you save more money and estimate the cost of your trip. After all, knowing how much you are going to spend makes budgeting easier. 

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