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Start Up: Why Han Ji Pyeong is k-drama fans' newest fave second lead?
By Jhoemz Vercide 04 Nov 2020 6017

Yup, ‘Second lead syndrome’ is real, and we can’t contain the kilig

Top-billed by Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho, and Kang Han Na, ‘Start Up’ has premiered worldwide via Netflix on October 17 which follows the story of young people carving their careers in the world of start-up companies.

In the past episodes, we’ve seen the lead characters’ life stories, struggles, and dreams, but, with all these interesting and exciting twists, k-drama addicts and fans have found a new crush, admit it!

Meet Kim Seon Ho, the man who absolutely stole the hearts of many. The 34-year-old actor plays big-time venture capitalist Han Ji Pyeong in the drama who in the pilot episode has already given a major second lead syndrome feels, and yes, it’s kinda hard not to root for him.


But, why do you think many fans fell for his character easily? Here are some of the reasons (warning: spoilers alert!).



  • Ji-Pyeong is really a ‘good boy’ as what Dal Mi’s grandmother calls him. He had a rough background as an orphan who had to fight life adversaries alone at a young age. He did not have money, nor a family to support him but still managed to succeed despite the odds he had been through.




  • In the past episodes, we witness his harshness towards Dosan but it comes from a place of genuine concern. As someone who started from nothing, he really wants to help novice entrepreneurs who aspire to be somebody. He even joined as a Sandbox mentor to make sure he can be there for the 'Samsan Tech' team as he roots for its success privately.




  • He imbibes the principle of being indebted to someone as he plans to pay off of the gratitude to Dal Mi’s grandmother for lending him home without expecting anything in return, and most especially, for all the love, care, and kindness she offered 15 years ago.




  • Han Ji Pyeong is always there for Dal Mi since day one—for sending her letters to be comforted and up until she pursues her big dreams. The fact that he’s always there without a doubt, is really heart-breaking knowing that he's just there to complete the final page of the story that he wrote.



Uhm, I don’t know, but, Ji Pyeong definitely caught the fans' attention for his spontaneous charisma and great acting skills.

As cliché as it may seem, we all know that most of our favorite Korean dramas have love triangles or a second male lead who will make viewers wish they could love him instead of the female lead type of storylines, and yes, it breaks our hearts.

But, who knows, we’re only up for six episodes, and maybe there will be a twist of a fate happening in the next ones. *cross fingers*

What are you waiting for, watch ‘Start Up’ and prepare yourself to get hooked with the number 1 Korean drama on Netflix today!

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