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“I skip saying goodbyes’’, Why do people choose to quit silently?
By Faith Estrella 24 Jan 2023 80

Living in the 20th century is both an opportunity and a tough job. People get to experience the advancement of technology which makes daily activities much easier. On the other hand, getting exposed to anxiety more often due to social media’s pressure of dealing with “I should have more than this”.


The thrill of this century breaks the stigma of “living a complicated life”. Similarly, arising perspectives such as it’s okay to have no children than to add another liability, cutting off toxic relationships (including family ties or relatives) and quitting some commitments (job, organizations, and the like)


Hence, why do some choose to quit silently? This conundrum for instance can be answered immediately without difficulty. Well, that’s for sure if the person answering has no vision or clear direction. Living in this century means “you are tied up to a lot of commitments”. Bet some would disagree but it’s true.


Hanging out with friends, achieving more and more goals, committing to more job offers, financial stability quests, and many more. These are commitments. As mentioned earlier, the 20th century offers the advancement of technology which makes everyone’s life easier. It also means that people have more unused time left in 24hrs. Having said that, unconsciously, people are also committing themselves to things which in the long run can seemed overwhelming. And that’s the natural choice of many to fill their 24 hours.


Sounds exhausting? Yes. Did it bring satisfaction? Pleasure? Pain? Anxiety? Depression?

The answer to those questions is also the cause why most of people today choose to quit silently. Skipping commitments that causes them exhaustion. Remember that despite of doing the right things in each commitment, you can still have no direction.


More so, exhaustion is just one. Other reasons why some chooses to quit is due to toxicity, absence of joy, unfulfilled satisfaction, lack of motivation or low morale, and mental health problems.


Let’s wrap it this way. Having too many commitments is not an answer to feeling productive, satisfying your ego and escaping the crisis (might it be a quarter-life crisis or so) Mediocre outputs or season also means putting yourself in places without direction or vision. Void the escape of “goodbyes”. Instead, choose a path or commitment that will help you risk and grow at the same time. And to answer “how to fill 24hrs a day?”, include rest. And that is gold nowadays.


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