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Why Vote for BBM? Here’s What You Must Know
By Bastet 10 Jun 2022 11070

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. (also known as BBM) is one of the most controversial presidential candidates today. A lot of contents, both articles and videos are stating his plausibility (for pro-BBM) and implausibility (for anti-BBM) all over the social media platforms.


According to his supporters, Filipinos should vote for BBM due to the following:

  • He is a long-term visionary person.
  • He’s doing something without anyone noticing it.
  • He does not fight back against all criticism.
  • Some accusations toward him and his family are tampered information.


However, these statements provided by his supporters are based on purely opinionated thoughts. Here’s the list of few cases and issues filed and protested against him as of January 26, 2022:


Tax Evasion

Marcos was convicted of failure to file income tax return. In 1997, the Court of Appeal (CA) modified the rulin, where the court acquitted him of failure to pay his income tax, but sustained guilt on four counts of failure to file his ITR, the appellate court did not impose a prison sentence, only fines. Some lawyers found this strange since the tax code imposes a prison sentence on failure to file ITR, and the CA did not explain its ruling. (via Rappler)

Misrepresentation of Diploma from Oxford University

In 2015 Senate website, it is stated in his resume that he got a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Oxford University in 1978. This is far more different from Oxford University Registrar’s statement saying, “According to our records, he did not complete his degree, but was awarded a Special Diploma in Social Studies in 1978.”

P205 Million Plunder Case

In 2016, a group called as iBalik ang  Bilyones ng Mamamayan (iBBM) filed a plunder case against him. Turns out that in August 22, 2014 statement from Marcos’ office which admitted that he requested a municipal mayor of General Nakar, Quezon to tap the services of the Social Development Program for Farmers Foundation Inc. (SDPFFI) in implementing the senator’s pork barrel projects. (via PhilStar)

Petitions for Disqualification of Candidacy

There are numerous of petitions disqualifying BBM to become a presidential candidate. One of the most notable came from a group called as Organizers of the Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses and Martial Law (Carmma) led by Bonifacio Ilagan, a human rights advocate and pro-martial law victims. Other petitions are still on-going for Commission On Election’s (COMELEC) decision and hearing. (via CNN Philippines)

As mentioned above, these are just four from the long list of cases and issues filed against him. Given the data and incongruent statements from other interviews, does this misfit him for the position as the president of the Philippines? Will you still vote for BBM? Or should I say instead of Why Vote for BBM? It should be Do you still want to vote for BBM?

Remember that your 1 vote is equivalent to 6 years and more. Don’t let your country be led by a person who do not pays his taxes well.



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