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DIY Christmas gift wrapping tips you all should know!
By Jhoemz Vercide 19 Dec 2020 356

Christmas would not be completed without gifts, and as Filipinos, we value the essence of it not just as only part of our annual traditions but also as a perfect way to make the gesture even more meaningful.

Perfectly-wrapped gifts are a sign that you truly give importance to people ‘cause you don’t want to spoil their excitement in opening their gifts. The pandemic happened, and we want to double our efforts to spread light and love this Christmas.

One way to make someone else’s Christmas day special is by making beautiful gift wraps for your presents, and did you know that you can make DIY wraps for them this year?

Check these simple tips and ideas.



To make this thrifty yet simple gift wrap idea, you all need to prepare a used brown paper bag and different stamps of your choice.

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Just do the traditional way of wrapping gifts depending on the size of the item, and tightly cover it with tape or glue then start stamping a design of your choice—you may use Christmas tree shape or any elements of Christmas that will attribute to the beauty of your gift wrap, see, it’s a no-sweat idea!



Give your gifts in a DIY bag this year. For the cute templates, you can click this link,, to serve as a guide--to trace, and cut out paper legs, shoes, belt, beard, and collar from card stock and scrapbook papers.


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You can use a glue stick to attach the paper elements to the gift bag and let it dry. Then, use hot glue to attach the buttons and let dry.



 Yup chalkboards can be perfect to decorate your gift wraps. With this technique, you can individually make a distinctive design for each of your gifts.




By using a white distress marker on the craft paper, the wrapping paper looks like a chalkboard, and you can design it any way you want.



This is probably one of the easiest yet most thought gift wrap ideas. You can choose your own color, ribbons, and different art materials ‘cause all you have to do is unleash your creativity on how to pull off your photo gift tag.

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It’s a super cute and personalized gift wrap idea. Adding a photo of yourself and your giftee also gives the bonus gift of a sweet keepsake!

See the link for the whole tutorial: 



Not every present has to be wrapped with the same paper and design all over again, we can add up different twists and styles to make the most out of it.


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This DIY emoji paper can be something ordinary, but hey, how about putting these cute little faces on your gift wraps? You can show how you feel to your giftees by sending them a gift using an emoji gift wrapping idea.

Check this link for the step by step tutorial: 

Receiving gifts is one of the most underrated feelings one could ever have. Seeing it beautifully-wrapped is everything; it gives us a perfect sense of thoughtfulness and love.

And as we look forward to receiving more gifts this year, don’t forget that the true meaning of Christmas is the spirit of giving.

Have a Merry Christmas You all!




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