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A Guidebook to Apple's Latest iOS 16
By Almira Louise Martinez 14 Sep 2022 176

A Guidebook to Apple's Latest iOS 16 


Last September 12, Apple officially launched its latest iOS version - iOs16, for iPhone 8 and above. Promoting many new features to its customers, some of the recent characteristics included in this version range from its lock screen to its messaging application. 

To help you decide if you should update your iPhone to the talk of the town iOS, here are some of the pros and cons of iOS 16. 



  • Customizable Lock Screen 

Headlining the newest operating system with the upgraded version of the iPhone’s lock screen, iOS 16 offers a customizable lock screen to put a twist on its iconic look. Layers of photos, widgets and customizable fonts for time and date on the screen are some things you can see in this fresh update. 

Users can also enjoy arranging photos to shuffle throughout the day on their lock screen to give them more options. 

  • Full-Screen Music Player

Making a comeback from iOS 10 in 2016, Apple reintroduced the full-screen music player on iOS 16. Similar to the previous version, a large album art would match the background of the screen, making it more appealing to the eyes. Apart from this, users now have the option to minimize their music player to show their standard lock screen, unlike in iOS 10.

  • Nintendo Joy-Cons

Expanding its capabilities, Apple now supports a wide selection of Bluetooth game controllers, including the Nintendo Joy-Cons. With iOS 16, users can now enjoy playing their favorite game either with single Left or Right Joy-Cons, or both. 

  • Apple Pay Tracker

To make life easier for its customers, iOS 16 allows customers to track their online order information in transactions using Apple Pay. Some features included in the tracker are the estimated delivery date and notification if the package is out for delivery. 

  • Edit Messages

Never have to worry about mistyping or sending the wrong message again. iOS 16 is here to save users from embarrassing themselves. With its new edit feature, users can now revise their text messages five times within 15 minutes after sending them. Although users with the previous iOS do not have access to this feature, they can still see the edited text as a new message. 


Though there are benefits to this new system, there are also some disadvantages that you might want to consider before jumping on the trendy update.



  • Unsend Messages

Some may think that this feature can actually benefit the users - and it can benefit some, but for people struggling with anxiety, this may add up to their worries. In iOS 16, users can now undo sending their messages two minutes after sending. According to Apple, this update can avoid the embarrassment of users from their colleagues or strangers who weren’t supposed to read the text they have delivered.


  • Pass Keys

Like the unsend option in messages, passkeys can also bear cons. The passkey is a software technology that uses facial id and fingerprint biometrics to unlock applications. To end phishing attacks, Apple developed Passkeys to avoid the said issue.

One of the problems with biometrics is its sensitivity to users' appearance. Due to its reliance on specifics, a slight change in the physical attribute of the user can hinder them from using their application. Thus, at all times, the user's face must stay the same, and fingers must always be clean. 

At the end of the day, it is the users’ free will to try out these new features and enjoy the contemporary development of technology. Keep in mind that being cautious and vigilant does not hurt anybody. In fact, it can actually save us from any danger. So always remember to be careful but also do not forget to have fun and enjoy life. 




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